"Chile will be the grave of neoliberalism"

This week's guest, American and Israeli colonialism, and Chile's leftist victories

Abby Martin is a journalist, former host of RT’s Breaking the Set, co-founder of citizen journalism outlet Media Roots, and director of the documentary Gaza Fights for Freedom. We’re looking forward to talking with her on this week’s episode of Krystal Kyle & Friends about a broad range of issues, from the corporate stranglehold on our media to the evolution of coverage on Israeli apartheid over the past few years. From her time at RT to her more recent documentary work, Abby can give us sharp insight into the experience of providing an alternative media perspective during the political upheavals of the past decade. We’re excited to welcome her onto the show.

As Israeli violence against Palestinians continues to escalate, the Biden administration is reaffirming the U.S.’s commitment to imperialism. The president just greenlit a weapons sale to Israel worth $735 million, making it clear that Biden envisions the U.S. as an active participant in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Progressive House members like Omar and Tlaib are outraged by this move, advocating against the sale and in favor of recognizing Israel as an apartheid state. The sale is being expedited, meaning it will be difficult to stop — and showing how integral Zionist violence is to the neoliberal foreign policy agenda.

Perhaps some of the best news of the week, however, comes from Chile, where it’s now being announced: “Chile will be the grave of neoliberalism!”

First, Chileans voted against the conservative spirit of their current constitution, dating back to Pinochet’s military dictatorship; instead, they elected progressives to the delegation that will rewrite the constitution. Only 38 of 155 members of this assembly belong to Vamos por Chile, Chile’s right-wing coalition. Meanwhile, for the first time since the end of Pinochet’s dictatorship, the new mayor of Santiago comes from the Communist Party. (She’s also the second woman ever elected to this position.) Mayor Iraci Hassler spoke in favor of transforming the current, right-wing constitution, as well as the standard of living in Santiago’s neighborhoods. Her election, and the election of the progressive legislative assembly, represent a full-throated rejection of Pinochet’s far-right dictatorship; they show the left’s rise to real power. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

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