Episode 10 Audio: Dr. Carl Hart


This week’s conversation with Dr. Carl Hart gave us the chance to dig into the topics of the U.S.’s racist and dysfunctional criminal justice system, the importance of personal freedoms, and the struggle to legalize drug usage. In books like Drug Use for Grown-Ups, Hart has written about the double standard applied by wealthy Americans who advocate for the normalization of psychedelic usage and the incarceration of heroin users. He’s brought up the way that the prison-industrial complex destroys lives through drug charges, as well as the way that personal liberty becomes a relevant topic in our discussion of which drugs Americans are and aren’t permitted to do, and why.

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As you’ll see, our talk with Dr. Hart was truly an interesting and eye-opening conversation. The argument for total drug legalization is controversial, and given the damage that the opioid crisis has done to millions of people’s lives, it’s essential to question whether this is indeed the move that would improve our society’s relationship to drug usage. But it’s clear that this relationship currently places criminalization and incarceration above the healing and wellness of drug users, and imagining how it might be changed is an incredibly important task. Thanks as always for joining us for this week’s episode of KK&F!