Episode 20 Audio: Rania Khalek

The truth about Israel and Palestine


We were so grateful to have Rania Khalek as our guest for Episode 20 of Krystal Kyle & Friends. Rania gave us her insight into Israel’s current ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, taking us through the past history of the Israeli occupation and the conditions of Israeli military rule. At a time when all of our minds and hearts are with the oppressed people of Palestine, we truly appreciated Rania’s thoughtful analysis of the moment, and we think you will, too.

Even as the current violence against Palestinians is at the front of so many people’s minds, from Biden and Pelosi to supposed Senate lefties Markey and Warren, many Democrats are pushing the same dangerous denial of Palestinian genocide. Old video footage reveals, in fact, that Biden has a long history of unconditional support for Zionism, a stance that he’s reiterated throughout his political career.

Biden’s past and present refusal to reckon with the human rights abuses committed in the name of Zionism, however, is a sharp contrast with the political leadership being shown by leftist politicians like Rashida Tlaib. While so many of her colleagues push a two-state solution or argue that Palestinians should have no right to self-defense, Tlaib gave a powerful speech on the House floor, calling out her peers’ vocal and material support for a brutal regime. The day will come when American tax dollars are not used to enable the murder of Palestinian children. Tlaib and others are fighting for it, and the least we can do is join them.