i HIGHLY reccommend u go view Johanns THE FIX.

If u are like me, u have never heard of ROKOTV but its simple free and EZ. GO DO IT.

J Hari is a hero of mine from back 2010 when i was thrown into various harmful God spewing useless AA groups for "Addiction" The only thing GOD did for me was somehow lead me to his book. He, Gabor Mate (YES Arrons dad!) and Dr Carl Hart at long last tell the truth about drugs and provide sensible workable alternatives to the BS religious AA industrial complex of shaming and lying to you. Great interview !

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Two things had a profound effect on me when I was in a very dark place. Gabor Mate's book 'Hungry Ghosts' and the Ted Talk Johann Hari gave, 'Everything You Think You Know About Addiction Is Wrong, which I first watched about six years ago. I went to pieces at the end, I'd never heard anyone speak of loving an addict unconditionally, it was beautiful. Anyway, I googled ROKOTV and checked out their site. I wasn't able to find Johann's The Fix. Could you give me more specific directions on how to access it?

I try not to have heroes, but if I had one it'd be Johann Hari!

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Wait. I have trouble with this too and i have actually BEEN there, saw the whole series

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“The media are truly the enemy of the people”?

MSM outlets are nothing more and nothing less than PR agents of the Establishment. And, as such, they are certainly the enemy… “Of the people”? Well, that’s tricky. Because it suggests that those entities are on different sides of the barricade. Which is hardly the case. The thing is, Kyle is almost there with his “it may have to do with human nature”. Because it totally does have. The Matrix isn’t imposed. Neither through coercion nor even through deceit. It’s chosen. It's just some kind of “social contract”. You lie to us, but you lie what we want to hear. People don’t go to mainstream outlets to get factual information or challenge their preferred way of seeing things by discovering inconvenient truths. They want room service for their money. And they want to know the rules of the game. Since the rules are set by those in power, people are interested in listening to TPTB’s ‘official representatives’. This is why the overwhelming majority of them still turn to all sorts of media hacks. Despite calling this machine the “enemy” in order to shift responsibility. And despite knowing for a fact that those “truth tellers” lie for a living…

Pretty much the same goes for the second part of the episode. As for this attention span thing specifically…I mean…come on, guys :)

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