May 1, 2022

Episode 70 Audio: Marianne Williamson

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In this episode, Marianne explains how the divide between Turner and Brown — and some current “progressive” electeds’ rush to side with the status quo — bears lessons not only for this singular race, but for the Democratic Party more broadly. Progressives can earn their name by standing behind essential policies like debt cancellation and Medicare for All time and time again — choosing to back away from these policies or their champions when reelection is at stake means that the desire to hold power comes first, and the responsibility to use it wisely comes second. Now, Democrats have allowed themselves to become a party of moneyed interests: even those who call themselves progressives aren’t willing to confront the establishment forces that uphold the status quo.

A Congress with Rep. Nina Turner and others like her would be different. How do we get there? Is it even possible to redeem and reclaim the soul of the party? We tackle these questions and more in our discussion with Marianne, and we hope you enjoy.

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