From Bernie 2020 to labor coverage

Episode 38 with Faiz Shakir

This week, we’re bringing Faiz Shakir on the podcast to discuss his journey from the Bernie 2020 campaign to More Perfect Union, an outlet providing coverage of the labor movement. You’re likely familiar with Faiz’s work as the campaign manager for Bernie Sanders’s 2020 bid for the presidency — bringing issues like Medicare for All, ending homelessness, and a federal jobs guarantee to the national stage. We’re excited to hear about the latest chapter in his career, and to talk about his political journey.

Shown above, the media company More Perfect Union (which Faiz founded) has provided essential coverage and analysis of labor struggles like the union drive in Bessemer, AL, undocumented workers on hunger strike for COVID protections, and the current strike among Nabisco workers against dangerous work schedules and unfair pay. We’ll be discussing how the idea for More Perfect Union was born, what it’s like to cover these news stories in a media landscape so overtly hostile towards them, and what the future of pro-labor media coverage looks like.

Given the critical role Faiz played in the most recent Bernie campaign, which transformed the American left and brought many people into the realm of political activity, we also look forward to getting Faiz’s read on the Biden administration, as well as Bernie’s role within it. How has it been possible for Bernie to advance the causes that were key to the campaign, and where can he go even further? We hope you’ll tune in to hear the conversation — and we hope you enjoy it.

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