Krystal and Saagar's Big News

Announcing Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

As you may already know, Krystal and Saagar announced last week that they were leaving The Hill to go independent! Now in a special crossover episode of Krystal Kyle & Friends and Saagar’s podcast The Realignment, Krystal and Saagar reveal FOR THE FIRST TIME why they left The Hill and what they are planning moving forward.

Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar is launching on June 7th! It will have high production values, and an absolute commitment to challenging power just like Rising, but without any corporate interference or legacy media thinking. In this special bonus episode Krystal reveals her experience of how corporate media censorship works and Saagar explains how and why he broke with the professional right including Tucker Carlson. And they explain why they felt now was the right time to make the big leap into fully independent media.

Breaking Points clips will be free on Krystal and Saagar’s new YouTube channel. The audio version will also be free on all the normal podcast platforms with breaks. Premium subscribers will get the entire show uncut an hour early delivered to your inbox. They’ll also get exclusive content like long form interviews and weekly Ask Me Anythings. To become a premium subscriber go to

We’ve got another great episode of Krystal Kyle & Friends coming later this week so keep an eye on your email for a preview of that!