The cult of the Democratic Party

Episode 24 Sneak Peak + Bonus Episode 23 Audio


With the announcement of Breaking Points, Krystal’s new independent YouTube show and podcast with co-host Saagar Enjeti, it’s been a whirlwind week. Big things are coming on Krystal Kyle & Friends, too. We’re bringing Rose McGowan on the show to discuss the cult of the Democratic Party, the struggle to bring Harvey Weinstein to justice, and the ways that social media platforms protect dangerous people. A talented actress and a tireless advocate for survivors of sexual assault, Rose has used her voice to call out the abusive behavior of men protected by wealth and fame. We’re honored to have her on the show this week, and we hope you’re looking forward to the conversation. To be honest, we think she’s going to blow your mind.

When Tara Reade, a former congressional staffer for Joe Biden, came forward in early 2020 to report that Biden sexually assaulted her, mainstream news outlets like The New York Times dismissed the allegation against the Democratic establishment candidate. While these sources probed Reade’s past landlords for details in order to paint her as a dishonest and untrustworthy voice, few were willing to give her the opportunity to tell her story, one that she had told to various people in her life for many years. Reade found an ally in Rose McGowan. Refusing to be silenced by establishment dismissal of her rape allegation against Harvey Weinstein, Rose criticized the treatment of Reade’s story as “politically inconvenient” for the Democratic Party — supposedly the party of believing women and supporting survivors.

Rose has continued to call out the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party, comparing it to a cult and observing the ways in which it calls its followers are led to abandon their principles. From smearing survivors to protecting predatory billionaires, the Democrats often stand for little other than performative opposition to the Republican Party, whose political agenda they’re all too happy to allow. Mainstream outlets like the New York Times want you to think that Biden is the new FDR and that Trump’s replacement means the end of rape culture, but Rose McGowan knows how empty those proclamations are. We can’t wait to share our conversation with you — Friday is only a few days away.

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