Sitemap - 2022 - Krystal Kyle & Friends

Which elites get jail time — and which make it big on Wall Street?

A new look at criminal behavior in the Ivies

Episode 104 Audio: Matt Binder

Matt Binder on Elon Musk, SBF & the SCAM Economy

Elon BANNED Matt Binder. Now he speaks out.

Episode 103 Audio: Coffeezilla

How Coffeezilla Exposed SBF’s Scam

Coffeezilla on SBF

Episode 102 Audio: Thom Hartmann

Thom Hartmann EXPOSES Hidden History Of The Supreme Court

Unlimited sick days for me, and none for thee

Episode 101 Audio: Jonah Furman

Expert weighs in on Biden screwing rail workers

Biden vs. the rail workers

Episode 100 Audio: Farron Cousins

Florida man’s perspective on Trump v DeSantis

Looking back from our hundredth episode

Episode 99 Audio: Matt Stoller

Is crypto just fraud?

Crypto’s "Lehman Moment"

Episode 98 Audio: Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson Reacts to Midterms

How tonight's election could shape the Democrats' future

Episode 97 Audio: Rana Foroohar

Are we in the post-neoliberal era?

Lula Wins!

Episode 96 Audio: Alexandra Hunt

Are Boys And Men In Crisis?

The debate over a “right to sex”

Episode 95 Audio: Owen Jones

Anti-Truss: the British PM is out. Who's next?

Understanding the Liz Trussterf*ck

Episode 94 Audio: Luke Savage

The undead center: why we're still fighting centrism — and how we got here

Liberalism at the end of history?

Episode 93 Audio: Katie Halper

Exclusive: Katie Halper on cancellation and media blackout on Israeli apartheid

Katie Halper faced the real cancel culture — speaking out on Israeli apartheid

Episode 92 Audio: RM Brown

Making left politics a laughing matter

A comic spin on left politics

Episode 91 Audio: Vivek Chibber

Going Deep on Socialism

Confronting Capitalism

Episode 90 Audio: Ryan Grim

“If you’re used to getting punched in the face with both hands, this is progress"

We're on track for a massive railway strike

Episode 89 Audio: Matt Christman

What will it take to bring Trump down?

Is now the time for political optimism?

Episode 88 Audio: Krystal and Kyle Mix It Up

Krystal and Kyle Mix It Up

Sorry, Jim Banks — we shouldn't have to die for an education

Episode 87 Audio: Eric Blanc

Teachers are facing “the perfect storm”

Why American teachers have had enough — and what they’re doing to organize

Episode 86 Audio: Ken Klippenstein

The Inside Scoop On Trump’s Raid

Does Kid Rock have the nuclear codes? (and everything else you’re too scared to ask)

Episode 85 Audio: Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura On What Trump Stole From Pro Wrestling

Jesse Ventura won as a third-party candidate. Here's how it can happen again

Episode 84 Audio: Sitch & Adam

Free speech, the Alex Jones trial, and the responsibility of the media

Kyle vs Enlightened Centrists in Friendly Debate

Episode 83 Audio: David Dayen

Good, Bad and Shocking in the Manchin Climate Deal

After Roe, this could be the next basic right we lose

Episode 82 Audio: Gavin and Zac of The Vanguard

The Vanguard hosts on what’s coming in 2024

Dispatches from the vanguard

Episode 81 Audio: Gary Gerstle

Biden: "Nothing will fundamentally change." Here's how it's gotten worse.

John Bolton on the emotional labor of regime change

Episode 80 Audio: Jordan Peterson

Surprise: A debate with Jordan Peterson

The End of Neoliberalism?

Episode 79 Audio: Pascal Robert

We don't need the Supreme Court

The state of pro-abortion organizing, post-Roe

Episode 78: Branko Marcetic

Why Roe v. Wade is everyone's struggle

Assange's extradition reveals the mockery of American "free speech"

Episode 77 Audio: Mike Figueredo

Mike Figueredo on coming out, and what the right gets wrong

A look at the right's anti-LGBTQ attacks

Episode 76 Audio: David Wallace-Wells

Will the U.S. government take climate change seriously before it’s too late?

Why can't Washington focus on climate crisis?

Episode 75 Audio: Toby Muse

Why the election in Colombia is important for the international left

An expert's guide to the Colombian presidential election

Episode 74: GoodPoliticGuy

What will it take to end mass shootings?

What the formula shortage tells us about parenting in America

Episode 73 Audio: Doug Henwood

Doug Henwood explains the crypto crash

Understanding the crypto crash

Episode 72 Audio: Harvey Kaye and Alan Minsky

Bringing economic justice back to the progressive fight

Ending Roe is just the beginning.

Episode 71 Audio: Ari Rabin-Havt

Secret Stories From Bernie’s Inner Circle

For us, Roe v. Wade is essential. For Democrats, it's just a fundraising issue

Episode 70 Audio: Marianne Williamson

Healing the soul of the Democratic Party

The left shows up for labor

Will the Democrats cut ties with union busters?

Episode 69 Audio: Nina Turner

The Real Medicare for All Supporters are Backing Nina Turner

How leftist politicians can uplift the labor movement

Episode 68 Audio: Daisy Pitkin

"The old playbook of union-busting is backfiring"

How did the Amazon workers win — and what's next?

Episode 67 Audio: Paul's Ego

A historic win: the new Amazon Union

What Biden’s Budget Reveals

Episode 66 Audio: Amy Vilela

"I knew I had to fight back"

From the 2020 Nevada caucus to Congress

Episode 65 Audio: Christian Smalls

Did the Squad Abandon Amazon Workers?

The fight to unionize Amazon

Episode 64 Audio: Trita Parsi

How Ukraine is Upending the Middle East

Beyond the narrative of American neutrality

Episode 63 Audio: Matt Duss

Here's why sanctions on Russia aren't the answer

Who is this war good for?

Episode 62 Audio: Catherine Liu

Don't leave it to the experts

Which side is the PMC on?

Episode 61 Audio: Michael Levitin

10 years post-Occupy: where does the 99% go from here?

Understanding Occupy's role, years down the line

Episode 60 Audio: Felix Biederman

Inside your (other) favorite leftist podcast

Discussing an age of loneliness with Felix Biederman

Episode 59 Audio with Ben Burgis

Digging into the Joe Rogan controversy

Is the Supreme Court a roadblock to democracy?

Episode 58 Audio: Johann Hari

How Capitalists Stole Your Brain

Logging off and focusing in with Johann Hari

Episode 57 Audio: Peter Goodman

What would our society look like without billionaires?

No more billionaire heroes

Episode 56 Audio: Henry Williams

Leftist ideas are popular. Here's how we can spread them

The leftists beating PragerU at their own game

Episode 55 Audio: Christopher Leonard

How the Fed has Guaranteed Socialism for the Rich

A secret history of the Fed

Episode 54 Audio: Chris Hedges

Beyond the Democratic Party