Dec 11, 2022 • 2HR 21M

Episode 102 Audio: Thom Hartmann

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Krystal Kyle & Friends
Krystal Ball and Kyle Kulinski dive into politics, philosophy and random BS with people they like.
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“Real OG” radio host Thom Hartmann joins us for an interview that’s been a long time in the making; Thom is a major influence for Kyle, someone whose coverage of leftist issues inspired him to work in left independent media. He joins us to talk about money in politics, the legal precedent for the treatment of corporations as people (bet you didn’t know that this precedent goes all the way back to 1886), and much more. In our discussion, Thom describes how the constitutional amendments so central to American liberty (freedom of speech, equal protection under the law) became the target of nineteenth-century railroad corporations seeking human rights for their capitalist enterprises.

We connect this history to our present moment to understand how corporations have been building power through appeals to constitutional rights for more than a century — and how we can fight back. Thanks for joining us for this important conversation. You can also listen to this episode through Spotify, Pandora, Apple Podcasts, and more.