Apr 16 • 1HR 38M

Episode 120 Audio: Norman Finkelstein

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Krystal Kyle & Friends
Krystal Ball and Kyle Kulinski dive into politics, philosophy and random BS with people they like.
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We've got a wide-ranging and thought-provoking conversation with author and political commentator Norman Finkelstein, covering everything from the 2020 Sanders campaign's strategy and messaging, the current state of American politics, political appeals to the working class, and more. Norm joins us to talk about "hyper-wokeness," both its manifestations in the 2020 presidential election and beyond. How do identity politics and class struggle interact, and how did we see that on debate stages and campaign trains? What role should identity politics play in political discourse at large? Norm has plenty of thoughts to share on these topics and we hope you'll join us for the debate.

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