I can't be subscribed to this substack after watching the RFK interview on Breaking Points.

Just can't.

So long

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Out of sheer curiosity - what part of that interview do you consider irredeemable? Apart from a bearded Saagar, that is?

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I actually watched the whole thing, AND Jimmy Dore's comments. Needless to say, she did give him time to reply, and he was right that she didn't show the appropriate knowledge of vaccines, but I think she was totally fair with 90% of what they did. They asked. He was given time to answer.

I'm not tossing her to the curb for one thing, although the anti-vax thing is a little annoying. It's one of Jimmy's worst diversions--and I enjoy most of them. It's a battle he should've left alone. But he did it to get some viewers from the right to get over a million. Job done. He should stop with it. It's over now, so not only is it controversial and annoying to the left, but it's just boring at this point.

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It's been a forever tactic for right-wingers to label themselves as "centrists" in order to try to make themselves more presentable to supposed lefties, then set about providing all right-wing opinion and content. I noticed this over 20 years ago.

The bottom-line is, anything on network and cable television is right-wing. If it's on the Internet I can be anything from total nonsense to truth, or left wing opinion or right.

I quit Rachel Maddow, the very last thing I recorded and watched in 2016 when she was obviously trashing Bernie Sanders. And it was a good time because it just got worse after that, with fake Russia-gate nonsense. The worst thing about them putting up a fake strategy to take out Trump is that they made him seem right--fake news. And that is horrible.

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