I can't be subscribed to this substack after watching the RFK interview on Breaking Points.

Just can't.

So long

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It's been a forever tactic for right-wingers to label themselves as "centrists" in order to try to make themselves more presentable to supposed lefties, then set about providing all right-wing opinion and content. I noticed this over 20 years ago.

The bottom-line is, anything on network and cable television is right-wing. If it's on the Internet I can be anything from total nonsense to truth, or left wing opinion or right.

I quit Rachel Maddow, the very last thing I recorded and watched in 2016 when she was obviously trashing Bernie Sanders. And it was a good time because it just got worse after that, with fake Russia-gate nonsense. The worst thing about them putting up a fake strategy to take out Trump is that they made him seem right--fake news. And that is horrible.

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