Episode 22: Vaush

A deep dive with Krystal Kyle & Vaush


As this week’s guest on Krystal Kyle & Friends, Vaush had plenty to discuss with us. Because of his experience as a debater and his political identification as a leftist, we brought up the big issues — how leftists should regard the Biden presidency, the legacy of Bernie or Bust, supporting Palestine — and Vaush didn’t disappoint. Without further ado, here’s the newest episode of Krystal Kyle & Friends.

During an age in which we head to YouTube to learn essential skills, enjoy ourselves, and gain some political perspective, Vaush has made a name for himself by delving into timely leftist discussions, sharing his insights and analyses with hundreds of thousands of people online. From a “Politics 101” intro video with thousands of hits, to more recent responses to Ben Shapiro and PragerU, Vaush doesn’t shy away from clashes with the far right — he’s happy to take on their ideas from a leftist perspective, and we were excited to hear more about that perspective during this week’s conversation.

Vaush, Kyle and Krystal also dive straight into areas of some disagreement. Bernie or Bust, the Populist Right, woke ideology and Vaush’s critique of Rising were all addressed. We think you’ll find it very interesting.

In addition, Krystal had a chance to talk a bit more about her big news. In case you missed it, Krystal and Saagar are leaving The Hill for a new chapter in their work together! To be the first to know the details of what comes next, sign up at krystalandsaagar.com.