Sep 11, 2022 • 1HR 58M

Episode 89 Audio: Matt Christman

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Krystal Kyle & Friends
Krystal Ball and Kyle Kulinski dive into politics, philosophy and random BS with people they like.
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Welcome back to KK&F, where we’re joined this week by political commentator, comedian, and Chapo Trap House co-host Matt Christman. Following the news of more legal struggles for Trump’s allies, we’re taking a look at how the former president and the members of his political team have survived various attempts at prosecution and alienation from their base of supporters — and why (if at all) that might be about to change.

Neither Trump nor his closest associates have faced true legal consequences for crimes committed during Trump’s administration; rather, the potential of political consequences has become a major, rotating fixture in the American news cycle, where incidents like Trump’s involvement in the January 6 riot (or the recent raid by the Feds on Mar-a-Lago) place the former president under threat of legal action but fail to fully bring him to justice. Is there a long game in play here? These efforts may well serve to foreclose the possibility of future Trump candidacies. As Kyle posits, it could create a political situation where Trump is able to perform well in primaries, but in general elections, his total lack of trust and respect outside a group of die-hard supporters leads to losses.

With Matt, we talk through what’s ahead on Trump’s political horizon and how it’s going to affect the rest of us. We hope you enjoy the conversation. This episode is also available on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Podcasts, and more.