Love you guys ! Live listening to your podcast.

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Ngoding kiwenziinh ngii-noondwaaba a-dbaajmod wshkiniigkwen gii-ndodmaagod iw wiikwebjigan.

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For anyone potentially unfamiliar, I must point out that Matt is a wealth of historical knowledge, bona fide civil war nerd of the highest caliber putting any of my formerly internalized/localized claims to such nerditry to absolute shame and cutting my ego down a more than healthy amount when speaking on pretty much any topic, broaching new avenues and perspectives I never even considered to consider!

Actually, recalling him and other mutual friend-of-pod Matt Karp going ham on counterfactuals civil-war wise on the US history show he did with Chris Wade on Stitcher Premium Hell of Presidents (which I cannot recommend enough - goes through the entire history of the US through a lens of historical materialism and spoofs and of course never forgetting those goofs) - here, bootleg version of that lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJMq_4BJrco

Particularly relevant though, is an ep of his Inebriated Past series, specifically on the emergence of "fascism", which situates the aesthetic and historical context around everyone's favorite empty signifier to hurdle at people we don't like. Specifically grounding the term with various perspectives on it from like Paxton (Anatomy of Fascism - "suppression of the left amidst popular enthusiasm"), Eco's Ur-Fascism, and most importantly anchoring it in material reality, marxism style, via looking at pivotal fascist turning points such as Mussolini's March on Rome and such; as the old adage goes, "scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds"...

Members of the petty bourgeoisie, labor aristocracy, and people who hold "liberal ideals" will be willing to turn to fascism when the bribes their class receives from the bourgeoisie get threatened (i.e. they get scratched). The so-called "middle class" will be willing to turn fascist in order to protect their elevation above the "lower class". Liberals are also easily manipulated by this same material orientation/vector point of influence able to be easily swept up into imperialist wars for the same reason (noting like the big split with the international socialists over war credits for Germany's foray into WWI, pretty much closing the Bolsheviks' explicit expectation (as per Marx's predictions) German revolution would realign its mode of production and advanced industrial base (juxtaposed with the feudal backwater of Tsarist Russia prior to USSR's formation) towards a socialist mode of production which...during the 1918 sailor uprisings which then catalyzed revolts that led to the kicking out of the Kaiser merely to form Weimar...the timeline that doesn't suck was incredibly close to occurring....

To echo Rosa Luxemburg from those domestic/international socialist German worker/political movements, before of course being executed by the freikorps paramilitary (later becoming the SS, shocker) at the behest of Ebert's ostensibly social democratic SPD party, almost immediately resonating the truth of such a succinct political dichotomy to this day: Socialism or [continued] barbarism.

Oh right, why am I typing this, let me shut up - here was the episode if anyone cares lol: Chapo Trap House 245 - Inebriated Past: The Monster Fash (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKwZGyRoJvQ)


Moar....mons! (mormons! Utah wars! Golden underpants! Zion?! Xenu?!) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cMs2BYo9nY

Operation Gladio (learn what the natsec demons actually do and how NATO is covertly enforced in Europe/Italy!) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpD_4TgkJaU | OTHER (defunct - see: Out for Smokes, his new one) PODCAST - Mike Recine's The Sitdown - CIA assassinations - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRFRH901kVE

American Conspiracies (anti-masonic party!...other stuff!) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-TD3F9CXLk

EPIC Fail (Upton Sinclair's EPIC CA gov run! Hobos!) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3L88cEe4aQ

There's a few more but this wall of text is prob getting unwieldy so uhh i'll stfu now...sorry folks just clearly have nothing better to do lol...


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Great episode except all the Taco Bell talk when Moe’s is the superior Mexican fast food

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Matt seemed pretty leveled here. He and Hassan Piker spend a lot of time together, that's not really a space I want to inhabit, but maybe he toned it down a bit for you guys. All in all keep grinding 💪

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