Vaush on Krystal Kyle & Friends

Hope for unity on the left?

Dear friends,

This week, the commentator who you may know as Vaush, is joining us on Krystal Kyle & Friends. There’s a lot to discuss with Vaush, from current events in the U.S. and beyond to his own experiences in building a leftist platform through Twitch and YouTube. Vaush is known for taking on both fellow lefties and right-wingers in debates — on topics ranging from the ethics of socialism to property rights and Republican racism. We’re interested to hear what he has to say about the value of debating political opponents and the practice of bringing leftist discussion online.

In past episodes, we’ve discussed the merit and pitfalls of cancel culture, the role that free speech should play in our society (as opposed to the role that it currently plays), and the task of building an inclusive yet principled leftist movement. Past guests, like Dan Kovalik and Thomas Frank, have inspired us to think about how we should interact with our allies and comrades in leftist organizing spaces. With Vaush, we have the opportunity to ask a different question: How do we interact with our most bitter opponents? How do we make the case for the world we want to build? Vaush is certain to have thoughtful insights to all of these questions. We’ll also explore various topics of agreement and disagreement.

Paid subscribers to KK&F get the chance to watch our video conversation with Vaush when it drops on Friday evening. It will be available for everyone on Saturday evening — stream it through Spotify, Pandora, Apple Podcasts, and other major platforms, or listen to it here on Substack. We’re grateful for you!