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What an idiotic take on the Jordan Neely death. Homeless people are not "under attack" as suggested. They are emboldened, violent and oftentimes frighten people. Neely himself had a history of it, and made the wrong people feel threatened. Funny to think how you might have fared if Neely was harassing you, as he had countless others. You good with just cowering in fear for your life?

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I’ve lived in NYC for the past 30 years. They’ve literally dumped the drug addicted and mentally ill on us. We’re just trying to get to work, get where we’re going, and instead we are terrorized and assaulted on a regular basis. The worst part is the constant fear. Is this the guy that will stab you? That will grab your hair? That will spit on you?

We should NOT have to endure fear once or twice a month when yet another fentanyl warped lunatic begins yelling, threatening, throwing things, and yes - physically attacking us.

It is not ethical to subject working people just trying to live to literal fear for our safety on a regular basis. This is the basic social contract, it’s been broken.

When that happens, you can’t blame us for taking our own safety into our hands.

Neely was a definite threat. He tried to kidnap a 7 year old girl. He assaulted a 67 year old woman. How many of his crimes were unreported? Probably most.

The fact that Neely was on a list of top 50 homeless individuals in need of critical care and yet no care was given is a travesty. His death should galvanize funding to institutionalize far more people.

If not that, then just jail. How can you try to kidnap a 7 year old girl and not see 5-10 years in prison is absolutely beyond me.

The answer cannot be “just let them do whatever on the train”. That’s condemning millions of us to endure fear on a regular basis. That’s deeply immoral.

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Bernard Goetz all over again. He'll get a slap on the wrist and become a celebrity

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I do blame the great heist, you are right. That is the root cause.

That being said, you cannot blame the millions of working class MTA riders for not wanting to quietly endure the harassment, assault and constant fear.

We have the right to ride without fear. If the government won’t provide it for us, then we should do for ourselves.

You would have us do what - wait until mental health funding comes back? Until the hordes of fentanyl zombies are processed through the rotten spleen of the government? And until then just quietly endure the fear and terror?

No sir.

This happened 1 stop from where I live, on m wife’s commute. What if this was your wife:


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“Vigilante,” “execution,” “lynching” ... Appropriating such terms that accurately describe past horrors and then using them to smear a young man instinctively acting to help fellow passengers has destroyed your credibility.

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Hello, Marshal Mather's want to be. LUL

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What is your solution in particular?

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