Sitemap - 2023 - Krystal Kyle & Friends

Episode 155: Tim Alberta

How Evangelicals Sold Their Soul to Trump

Is the Evangelical Right Hypocritical ?

Episode 154 Audio: Katie Halper

Why anti-Zionism isn't antisemitism (and why it matters)

Katie Halper on Faux Antisemitism

Episode 153 Audio: Dimi Reider

Chaotic Debate Breakdown & Israeli Spills the Tea On Israel

Inside Israel’s Far Right Turn

Episode 151 Audio: Scott Horton on Bibi’s Plan to Boost Hamas

Inside Bibi's Plan To Boost Hamas

Debunking Israel’s Historic Propaganda

Episode 151 Audio: Ryan Grim

REVEALED: The Secret History Of The Squad

“Genocide Joe” Loses Young Voters

Episode 150 Audio: Abby Martin

Abby Martin Exposes The TRUTH About Gaza

Over 11,000 Dead in Gaza

Episode 149 Audio: Third Republican Debate

Krystal & Kyle REACT To Nasty Republican Debate

Debate week, 2023 bellwethers, and Palestine

Episode 148 Audio: Omar Baddar

Your Tax Dollars Are Funding The Genocide Of Palestinians

WORLD WAR 3 FEAR: Yemen Declares War On Israel As Gaza Is Destroyed

Episode 147 Audio: Adam Johnson

The American media war on Palestine

How Media Manufactures Consent for Genocide

Episode 146 Audio: Cenk Uygur

Cenk Uygur takes on Joe Biden

Episode 145 Audio: GoodPoliticGuy

Special episode: Israel’s war on Palestine

Understanding the Israel-Palestine conflict

Episode 144 Audio: Nina Turner

Nina Turner's Radical New Plan to Back Workers

Inside the massive UAW strike

Episode 143 Audio: Second Republican Debate

Krystal and Kyle Break Down WORST Debate Ever

Republicans Debate in Race for Second

Episode 142 Audio: Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein on Conspiracy Culture

Into the mirror world of conspiracies with Naomi Klein

Episode 141 Audio: Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang on “The Last Election “

Is American democracy on the brink of collapse?

Episode 140 Audio: Briahna Joy Gray

FEISTY Debate with Briahna Joy Gray on Cornel West, Biden, and Trump

Can a third party win?

Episode 139 Audio: Sohrab Ahmari

Can Left And Right Populists Unite?

DEBATE On Right-Wing Populism and Corporate Power

SPECIAL: Republican Debate Breakdown!

Special Episode: Republican Debate!

Episode 137 Audio: Matt Karp

DEBATE: Will Trump Beat Biden With Working Class Voters

Have Democrats lost working-class voters?

Episode 136 Audio: Michael Tracey

Heated Debate on Trump Crimes with Michael Tracey

Debate: Are the Trump indictments legitimate?

Episode 135 Audio: Freddie deBoer

Heated Debate: Is the Bernie Movement dead?

Is AOC really "just a regular old Democrat now"?

Episode 134 Audio: Sitch and Adam

DEBATE: Woke v Anti-Woke. Who’s More Authoritarian?

Teamsters reach a tentative agreement; a debate on anti-wokeness

Episode 133 Audio: Zac & Gavin

Are we stuck with Biden in 2024?

The 2024 presidential outlook, Barkley's anti-transphobia comments, and more

Episode 132 Audio: Ro Khanna

Debating Congressman Ro Khanna

Cluster bombs and student debt purgatory

Episode 131 Audio: Dr. Dan Wilson

Is there any truth to RFK Jr.'s vaccine claims?

Fact from fiction on vaccine conspiracies

Episode 130 Audio: Mike ter Maat

DEBATE: Libertarian presidential candidate Mike ter Maat takes on Krystal and Kyle

Debate round two: a libertarian agenda for the White House?

Episode 129 Audio: Emily Jashinsky

Debate: Trans kids, drag queens and Trump/Hunter indictments with Emily Jashinsky

Debate me, bro!

Episode 128 Audio: Brad Moss

EXPERT Tells All: Will Trump Go To Prison?

Understanding Trump's arrest

Episode 127 Audio: Touré

Hip-hop's political history

How 80s Hip Hop Raged against Reagan, Crack, and Mass Incarceration

Episode 126 Audio: FD Signifier

FD Signifier Dismantles Black Conservatism

Some deal!

Episode 125 Audio: David Dayen

Deb Ceiling Crisis EXPLAINED

Debt ceiling wars & McCarthy's used chapstick: Capitol Hill chaos

Episode 124 Audio: Jason Nichols

A Master Class In Debating the Right

Vigilante injustice: the war on homeless people

We Got Married!

Episode 123 Audio: Mark Bankston

Inside Fox’s Defamation Nightmare

When does free speech become defamation?

Episode 122 Audio: Corey Robin

How to end Supreme Court rot

Going beyond Supreme Court corruption

Episode 121 Audio: Daniel Nichanian

Who is winning in he culture war?

Right Wing Culture War Falls Flat With Voters

Episode 120 Audio: Norman Finkelstein

Debating "Wokeism" with Norman Finkelstein

An exclusive interview with Norm Finkelstein

Episode 119 Audio: Bradley Moss

Will Trump end up in prison?

Trump makes history as first former president charged with a crime

Episode 118 Audio: Steven Donziger

Steven Donziger on his Historic Supreme Court Case

Liberal Justices Back Chevron Over Environmental Justice

Episode 117 Audio: Matthew Zeitlin

Should we nationalize the banks?

How will the SVB bailout shape our banking system?

Episode 116 Audio: Gabriel and John Shipton

Julian Assange’s brother and father on the fight for his freedom

"Nothing will fundamentally change" — including big bank bailouts

Episode 115 Audio: Marshall Kosloff

French Protesters Take On Amazon

DC Elites Prepare Biden Coronation

Episode 114 Audio: Marianne Williamson

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson

Episode 113 Audio: Trevor Aaronson

FBI’s Darkest Secrets Exposed

How Both Parties Failed East Palestine

Episode 112 Audio: David Sirota

In East Palestine and Detroit, corporate (and Congress's) greed leads to catastrophe

U.S. Hypocrisy in Turkey and Syria Disaster

Episode 111 Audio: Matt Bruenig

Debunking Myths About Socialism

What will a socialist society look like?

Episode 110 Audio: Corin

Politics and Chill with Corin

On quiet quitting (and not-so-quiet organizing)

Episode 109 Audio: Ken Roth

When human rights advocacy challenges Harvard's institutional standards

The lethal war on the working class

Episode 108 Audio: Lonerbox

The Secret History of Deplatforming

A sexist dress code in Missouri; Biden’s documents; and a special guest

Episode 107 Audio: Philion

Into the manosphere with Philion

Trumpism, Bolsonarismo, and the coup attempt

Episode 106 Audio: Will Menaker

Chapo’s Will Menaker on Capitol Hill Chaos

Two years of KK&F, plus this week’s special guest

Episode 105 Audio: Touré