Sitemap - 2021 - Krystal Kyle & Friends

A year in review with Chris Hedges

Episode 53 Audio: Max Alvarez

The fake struggle between workers and consumers

Kellogg's workers win a contract

Episode 52 Audio: Steven Donziger

Exclusive: Steven Donziger opens up about prison

Donziger is Home!!!

Episode 51 Audio: Freddie DeBoer

Debating Freddie DeBoer: Is Bernie’s agenda popular?

Critiquing "the cult of smart" with Freddie DeBoer

Episode 50 Audio: Adolph Reed Jr.

Adolph Reed Jr has a Dire Warning for the Country

Discussing racism under capitalism with Adolph Reed, Jr

Episode 49 Audio: David Doel

Thanksgiving with the Rational National

What, if anything, do the Democrats stand for?

Episode 48 Audio: Katie Halper

John Deere workers win a contract

Digging into the week's news with Katie Halper

Episode 47 Audio: Katie Rader

Here's how the left can win elections

The working class goes to the polls

Episode 46 Audio with TJ Kirk

Navigating the "post-truth world" with TJ Kirk

A political deep dive with The Amazing Atheist

Episode 45 Audio: Jordan Chariton

The reconciliation bill was never enough. It just got a whole lot worse.

On the ground with Jordan Chariton

Episode 44 Audio: Jonah Furman

Why free speech is a labor issue

An October horror story: scabbing at the John Deere strike

Episode 43 Audio: Ken Klippenstein

Exposing Media Malpractice with Ken Klippenstein

Kyrsten Sinema’s Cartoonish Corruption

Episode 42 Audio: Jeff Stein

An expert tells all on DC’s back room negotiations

Inside the White House with Jeff Stein

Episode 41 Audio: David Sirota

Answering your questions about that budget bill

Checking in with David Sirota

Episode 40 Audio: 2008 Crash Experts, Eric Vaughan and Patrick Lovell

"We were all sold a lie"

A closer look at the 2008 financial crash

Episode 39 Audio with Russell Brand

Russell Brand: Connecting politics and spirituality

Inequality, alienation, and comedy with Russell Brand

Episode 38 Audio: Faiz Shakir

Letting the stories speak for themselves

From Bernie 2020 to labor coverage

Episode 37 Audio with Charlie & Ben

Breaking down the "anti-charisma" of Hillary Clinton

Charisma in the age of capitalism

Ro Khanna, the eviction moratorium, and progressive struggle

Why Ro Khanna is calling for party unity

Episode 35 Audio with Matthew Hoh

Was the war in Afghanistan a failure?

The cost of the Afghanistan war

Episode 34 Audio with Steven Donziger

The fight to bring Chevron to justice

Good riddance, Cuomo

Episode 33 Audio: Irami Osei-Frimpong

The liberal illusion of choice

The values that unite the Democratic Party

Episode 32 Audio with Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders on the Biden presidency and the budget bill

Frito-Lay workers win big -- and a special guest

Episode 31 Audio with Dan Price

Debunking the lie that worker exploitation is good for business

Bezos went to space. Bad news: he's back

Episode 30 Audio: Briahna Joy Gray

Exploiting the cracks in the Democratic establishment

"Protests in Cuba aren't simply about shortages"

Episode 29 Audio: Ismail Ali

The hidden history of drug criminalization

The ocean on fire

Episode 28 Audio: Gabriel and John Shipton

Bill Cosby is free. Julian Assange is not.

Assange's struggle for freedom, and why it's so important

Episode 27 Audio: Hasan Piker

#FreeBritney, Buffalo's socialist victory, and this week's guest: Hasan Piker

The Teamsters take on Amazon

Episode 26 Audio: Margaret and David Talbot

Here's what the movements of the '60s can teach us

Reality Winner is free

Episode 25 Audio: Pete Davis

Stop scrolling, start organizing

"No more poor people in a rich country"

Episode 24 Audio: Rose McGowan

The solidarity of the ruling class

The cult of the Democratic Party

Krystal and Saagar's Big News

Episode 22: Vaush

A Deep Dive with Vaush, Krystal & Kyle

Vaush on Krystal Kyle & Friends

Episode 21 Audio: Abby Martin

"Israel has controlled the narrative"

"Chile will be the grave of neoliberalism"

Episode 20 Audio: Rania Khalek

Fighting for Palestinian Lives

US Complicity in Israel's War Crimes

Episode 19 Audio: James Suzman

Why you HATE your job

Fighting the CIA's version of identity politics

Episode 18 Audio: Dr. Cornel West

Inside the Mind of the Brilliant Dr. Cornel West

News this week, and our guest, Dr. Cornel West

Episode 17 Audio: Professor Richard Wolff

Episode 17: Richard Wolff on Dangerous Warning Signs in Capitalism

Pressure for the PRO Act

Episode 16 Audio: Dan Kovalik

Debating the Progressive Case Against Cancel Culture

“Cancel culture” and Solidarity

Episode 15 Audio: Christopher Ryan

Human nature and sexuality with the Author of “Sex at Dawn”

This week's news: Chauvin trial, day 7, and an HIV vaccine candidate

Episode 14 Audio: June Lapine (shoe0nhead)

Moving beyond the culture wars

There is power in a union

Episode 12 Audio: Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang's Vision of Leadership

"All of us had imagined we’d be in a situation like this"

Episode 12 Audio: Matt Taibbi

"This is what power is all about in America"

We Shouldn't Have To Say This, but Andrew Cuomo is Absolutely Nothing Like FDR

Episode 11 Audio: John Nichols

"I think this is the moment"

A year in crisis

Episode 10 Audio: Dr. Carl Hart

The argument for full drug legalization

Freedom, criminal justice, and drug legalization

Episode 9 Audio: Dylan Ratigan

The Firebreather We Can’t Believe They Let on TV

The Bipartisan Corruption Cartel

Episode 8 Audio: Glenn Greenwald

Episode 8: Glenn Greenwald

Episode 8 Sneak Peak

Krystal & Kyle SPECIAL: Episode 7 Audio

Kystal & Kyle Special Episode

Basic Income, a People's Bank, and Police Reform

Episode 6 Audio: Noam Chomsky

Episode 6: Noam Chomsky

Same As It Ever Was: Talking Corporate Hegemony with Noam Chomsky

Episode 5 Audio: Justin Jackson

Episode 5: Justin Jackson

Going All In On A Leftist Agenda

Episode 4 Audio: Senator Nina Turner

Episode 4: Senator Nina Turner

Is Biden's Incrementalism a Slow Motion Disaster?

Episode 3 Audio: Thomas Frank

Episode 3: Thomas Frank

How Anti-Populists Will Weaponize the Capitol Riots

Episode 2 Audio: Bhaskar Sunkara

Episode 2: Bhaskar Sunkara

Episode 2 Sneak Peak with Bhaskar Sunkara

Episode 1: Marianne Williamson

Happy 2021! Welcome to Krystal Kyle & Friends